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Malibu C Clears the Hair
Lucie Doughty Explores Modern Texture
Moroccanoil's Techno-Tracking Stops Diversion
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NEW step-by-step technique: Ethno Chic

PRODUCTS: Estel Professional
COLLECTION: ESTEL Boutique Bourgeois 2012

Artist Galina Onischenko's "Ethno Chic" look
is soft and glamorous!...

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Pushing the Envelopes

Brighter, livelier hair is hers for the asking with Malibu C Natural Wellness Treatments, which remove minerals, environmental pollutants and product overload that weigh down hair and make it downright dull.

Available in nine different retail formulas for specific complaints-Hard Water, Blondes and Color Prepare, to name just a few-Wellness Treatments foil packets can be easily (and affordably) retailed to clients to preserve and enhance your work between visitsÖ

Crafted Texture

Using timeless photography techniques to capture bold, modern women, Paul Mitchell Editorial Director Lucie Doughty creates neo-classic images that artfully push the limits of hair movement and texture.

"Today's gorgeous textures run the gamut from sleek and groomed, to light pincurls and even beautifully crafted frizz," Lucie Doughty relates...

Cease and Desist

For the past 20 years, pro-beauty product diversion has grown from being a hit-and-miss proposition on mass-market, supermarket and drugstore shelves, to filling entire, well-stocked aisles.

How bad is diversion? In 2010 alone, diversion of pro-beauty product sales topped an estimated $325 million. Considering today's volatile economy and the relatively small size of our industry, this staggering sum represents a huge chunk of salons' potential profitability...

Photo: Moroccanoil CEO of North America Zohar Paz leads an antidiversion staff meeting.
On his right: Gerardo Ludert, Director of Legal for Moroccanoil.
Photographer: Roderick Chen

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